Our Services

Our team offers a wide variety of ABA services with individualized therapies.
We provide therapy in many different locations: in home, at a school, or in the community. O'Connell Behavioral teaches skills that are useful in everyday life and independent functioning.

  • Social skills group or group instruction
  • Full-time intervention 1:1
  • Part-time intervention 1:1
  • Telecommunication
  • Toilet training programs

Social Skills Group

 We offer Social Skills Groups run by our BCBA's in order to teach individuals how to appropriately interact with their peers. During this time we focus on teaching children how to greet one another, make eye contact, take turns, share, read social cues, understand and express emotions and problem solve. We also work on imitation skills, joint attention, waiting, and social referencing, as well as conversation and language skills.

1:1 Therapy: Part and Full time

Both BCBA's and behavior technicians, work together to implement treatments and programs grounded in systematic manipulations and frequently replicated procedures. The focus of the interventions both full time and part time, is to make meaningful changes in behavior that will have the greatest impact in improving everyday life while focusing on each child's individualized program.